Cognitive Science(s): a Fascinating Critical Situation

Gapenne Olivier
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This text, which serves as an introduction to the special issue on perspectives, suggests that the cognitive sciences in France, and more generally in Europe, are in a state of crisis. The passive attitude of the research institutions and the Ministry responsible for creating specific structures for this field of research is eloquent on this point. Beyond the historic-institutional context, which is unfavourable to setting up new institutions, an analysis of the project and the objectives of the cognitive sciences indicates that the avenues for overcoming this critical situation are still uncertain. Nevertheless, the ethical, sanitary, ecological, political and economic stakes that are attached to the advancement of this scientific project should invite the active members of this community to redouble their efforts and rigour. The journal intellectica will do everything in its power to measure up to what is at stake.

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Gapenne Olivier (2015). Cognitive Science(s): a Fascinating Critical Situation. In Gapenne Olivier (Eds), Cognitive Sciences: prospective reflections, Intellectica, 64, (pp.7-14), DOI: n/a.