Cognition and Intelligence: the Essential Meeting

Gapenne Olivier
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This issue is essentially an invitation to a fruitful and controlled dialogue between the French communities of intelligence professionals and researchers in cognitive science and technology. For a variety of reasons, we are one of the last countries, if not the last, not to have initiated this joint work. And yet, as we shall see, intelligence is a total cognitive fact whose multiple dimensions need to be understood. The activities of analysts, carried out individually and as a team, in a wide range of contexts, are at the heart of it and demonstrate the complexity of the production of this particular knowledge, which is so critical to the strategy of states, companies or non-governmental organisations. Particular attention will be paid to technologies and methods, which can play a decisive role in this dialogue.

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Gapenne Olivier (2023/1). Cognition and Intelligence: the Essential Meeting. In Gapenne Olivier, Chopin Olivier (Eds), Cognition and Intelligence, Intellectica, 78, (pp.7-11), DOI: n/a.