intellectica is the journal of the French Association for Research on Cognition (ARCo).

Intellectica is a referenced French-language journal, created by the ARCo in 1985. It is devoted to the publication of theoretical, epistemological and historic work in the domain of cognitive science. The aim of the journal is to promote, in a critical and pluralist perspective, the transdisciplinary project of a naturalisation of knowledge (or at least operations in virtue of which knowledge can be produced, transmitted, learned, etc...).

The journal adresses themes such as perception, motricity, language, reasoning, the forms of intentionality in both individual and collective modalities, natural or artificial. The scope of the journal includes logical forms, representations of knowledge, neuro-mimetic and dynamic models, and adaptive systems. Applications to domains such as education, ergonomics, man-machine interfaces and robotics can also be adressed in the articles.

Since its creation, the journal produce essentially thematic issues, but it also publishes articles proposed in free submission, whether they be original articles, essays, reviews of books or yet again responses to previously published articles. This editorial policy excludes contributions of a purely empirical nature (whether it be experimental, models, observation, etc...), since such work already has a multitude of journals devoted to such work. The Editorial Committee nevertheless ensures that reflexive work which is presented is in phase with the current empirical state of the field and, if necessary, presents a synthesis in the heart of the article. The texts which are published can be in English but, there again, the Editorial Committee ensures the linguistic quality of the texts whether they are in French or in English.

The journal Intellectica is published with the aid of the Technological University of Compiegne (UTC).