N°79 - 2023/2

Beyond cognition, the emotions

Viaud-Delmon Isabelle, Chapouthier Georges

Call for contribution to special issu #79 "Beyond cognition, the emotions"

Isabelle Viaud-Delmon

Georges Chapouthier

Call for contribution
‘Positive’ emotions, which lead to pleasure, such as joy, or 'negative' emotions, such as anxiety and anger, are original features of the most cephalized animals, which allow them, beyond cognitive processes, to adapt to their environment and to their conspecific. Although humans have a subjective experience of emotions, the behaviour of certain animals, particularly vertebrates, makes it possible to objectify them, especially as the cerebral support for emotions, the limbic system, is common to all vertebrates. The question remains, however, for invertebrates. In their current state, emotions are specific to living beings and allow us to contrast animal cognition, which they enrich, with the cold cognition of artificial systems. However, in the future, we can imagine artificial systems of another type, close to living beings, or even built on the basis of the homeostasis principle, and in relation to which the question of emotions could be raised again.
The aim of the special issue is to describe and analyse, in their respective particularities, human emotions and the emotions of different animal groups. In particular, it will be possible to link them to their anatomical or hormonal substrates and to specify their various consequences on behaviour or on the semiotic and linguistic expressions that translate them.
The issue will be composed of review articles (no raw experimental data) and will deal with all aspects of this question: human, animal, normal and pathological emotions, anatomical substrates of emotions, computer simulations... It will include about ten articles of 20,000 to 50,000 signs maximum all included. The language will be French, except for non-French speaking authors for whom English will be accepted. The articles are expected to be received at the latest on march 31th 2023. They will be reviewed by specialists.
Interested authors are invited to contact the coordinators of the special issue and describe their project in a few lines. If accepted, we will send them the editorial standards.

Please send you manuscript (or your questions) to: soumission@intellectica.org
Please contact the coordinators of the special issue and describe your project in a few lines.
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Deadline: 31 March 2023