Emotions to Act and Interact

Kreutzer Michel
Language of the article : French
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Our philosophy has long held emotions,like passions and even affects, as disruptive elements of thought and activity. We know today that this is not the case, and that they are the cornerstone of many processes that allow individuals to exist and coexist. Two themes will hold our attention. A) Recent studies and conceptions that support the role of emotions and affects in decision-making and the development of intuitions. B) We will see that, like humans, the social life of animals is based on norms that are supported by emotions and affects.

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Kreutzer Michel (2023/2). Emotions to Act and Interact. In Viaud-Delmon Isabelle, Chapouthier Georges (Eds), Beyond Cognition, the Emotions, Intellectica, 79, (pp.19-27), DOI: n/a.