The Duality of Perception

Dokic Jérôme
Language of the article : French
DOI: 10.3406/intel.2006.1330
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In this response, I put forward three claims. First, Pierre Jacob is right to emphasize that the enactive theory of perception does not account for the essential duality of visual experience. Second, this duality can be described in more general terms, which do not presuppose the empirical hypothesis of two visual systems. Finally, the fact that the enactive theory offers an adequate description of prosthetic perception, as it is studied by Charles Lenay, does not prove that it is a good model of ordinary, non-prosthetic perception.

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Dokic Jérôme (2006/1). The Duality of Perception. In Brassac Christian (Eds), Internalism / Externalism, Intellectica, 43, (pp.67-72), DOI: 10.3406/intel.2006.1330.