Geometry and vision in Husserl’s Ding und Raum

Petitot Jean
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The challenge of a naturalized phenomenology is tackled here through precise examples concerning Husserlian descriptions of the dependance relationships between spatial extension and sensitive qualities, of adumbrated perception, of perceptive anticipations and of the links between geometry, vision and kinesthesic command, descriptions which can be found in Husserl's Ding und Raum. The paper presents actual geometrical models which include sophisticated concepts of differential geometry, such as fibration, calculus of variations, stratification, control and singularity. Such models help to understand the nature of perceptual intentionality, and to change the approach of the opposition between symbolic and constructive cognitivism.te.

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Petitot Jean (). Géométrie et Vision dans Ding und Raum de HusserlGeometry and vision in Husserl’s Ding und Raum. In (Eds), , Intellectica, , (pp.n/a), DOI: n/a.