Life, Death, Technics - John Stewart and Philosophy

Sebbah François-David
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This text first evokes the way in which John Stewart refuses reductionism in biology while working on a mathematical formalisation of autopoiesis, and then the way in which Bernard Stiegler, as a philosopher, and moreover as a philosopher of constitutive technics, discusses undertakings of this type. This text then extends the discussions thus set up between life and death, and betweeen sciences of cognition and philosophy, by a reading of J. Derrida's seminar La vie la mort.

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Sebbah François-David (2022/1). Life, Death, Technics - John Stewart and Philosophy. In Lenay Charles (Eds), John Stewart: Tribute/Legacy/Debate, Intellectica, 76, (pp.105-119), DOI: n/a.