Living with Robots, Essay about Artificial Empathy [Review of Paul Dumouchel & Luisa Damiano’s Book, Paris, Éditions du Seuil, 2016]

Paré Zaven
Language of the article : French
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The robot’s co-presence began to be a reality. In this book about artificial creatures, Paul Dumouchel and Luisa Damiano analyze the relations with these machines with social skills. Unlike other technical objects usually considered invisible, designed to operate in an environment shaped, controlled and occupied by us, robots are the new actors of a technical, social and cultural transformation. This book is an introduction to this project of co-evolution, from which arise new forms of sociality. For both authors, the artificial empathy will be a major issue of our future life with robots.

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Paré Zaven (2016/2). Living with Robots, Essay about Artificial Empathy. In Depraz Natalie (Eds), Phenomenology of vigilance and attention. Philosophy, sciences and technics, Intellectica, 66, (pp.197-199), DOI: n/a.