Perception and Consciousness: Some Semiotics Insights

Bordron Jean-François
Language of the article : French
DOI: 10.3406/intel.2012.1100
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What is our relationship to the world in perception? How to understand what consciousness makes us feel and how to find a language to describe it, without any particular hypothesis define the nature of it? To these questions very traditional, we try to answer with an both semiotic and structural approach. Our approach is semiotic because we are trying to show how perception can be seen as semiotic function. It is structural because we give primacy to the category of relationship that we illustrate on examples in taste and musical perception. It finally seems that the three concepts (consciousness, perception and meaning) are not to add to each other as properties that we may or may not accumulate, but rather correspond to different ways of describing the same experiment.

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Bordron Jean-François (2012/2). Perception and Consciousness: Some Semiotics Insights. In Morgagni Simone (Eds), Semiotics and Thought, Intellectica, 58, (pp.33-52), DOI: 10.3406/intel.2012.1100.