Towards a Science of Lived Experience

Petitmengin Claire
Bitbol Michel
Ollagnier-Beldame Magali
Language of the article : French
DOI: 10.3406/intel.2015.1012
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This article describes a research programme aimed at integrating a disciplined study of lived experience as a part of cognitive science, thanks to new methods which make it possible to obtain a precise and rigorous description of the “first person” experience of the subject. After presenting the procedures involved in these methods, their epistemological foundations, and the process of circulation between analysis in the first person and third person, we explore possible applications of these methods in clinical and therapeutic domains, in the domains of education transfer.

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Petitmengin Claire, Bitbol Michel, Ollagnier-Beldame Magali (2015/2). Towards a Science of Lived Experience. In Gapenne Olivier (Eds), Cognitive Sciences: prospective reflections, Intellectica, 64, (pp.53-76), DOI: 10.3406/intel.2015.1012.