Kant along with Stewart. Thinking Epigenetics, Reading Kant again

Gerard Mathias
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This article is a reading exercise. It takes as its starting point some themes from the work of John Stewart about the relationship between cognition and life. The study of the interaction between an organism and its environment allows him to develop a constructivist position where the second is not a pre-existing given, but contributes to the dynamic relationship with the organism. From this idea, the article examines some themes of John Stewart's work, so as to re-read § 27 of the Critique of Pure Reason, which mentions briefly « epigenesis » as being able to give an account for the relationship between the categories of the understanding and the experience. The objective is to re-read Kant’s text within the theoretical framework of John Stewart's constructivism, so as to highlight the fruitfulness of epigenetic analogy in Kant, in that it allows to think how novelty can occur in knowledge.

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Gerard Mathias (2022/1). Kant along with Stewart. Thinking Epigenetics, Reading Kant again. In Lenay Charles (Eds), John Stewart: Tribute/Legacy/Debate, Intellectica, 76, (pp.121-140), DOI: n/a.