Free Will, Determinism and Neuroscience

Feltz Bernard
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This contribution aims to show that most recent progress in neuroscience, particularly linked to neural plasticity, permits anthropology where human behavior is characterized by some degree of free will. In a first time, I would like to analyze philosophical stakes of learning mechanisms. I will show that downward causation contradicts reductionist ambition to totally explaining with biology human behavior. In a second time, the possible relations between language and free will will be analyzed. Language permits to respect principle of generalized causality. In a third time, integral determinism in human sciences will be studied. Finally, a conclusion dialogues with indetermination in theories of biological evolution.

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Feltz Bernard (2021/2). Free Will, Determinism and Neuroscience. In Monier Cyril & Khamassi Mehdi (Eds), Liberty and cognition, Intellectica, 75, (pp.225-254), DOI: n/a.